Effective Methods of Working in Adobe Illustrator (Part 1)

Today Natalie Ulrich will share with us some very interesting tricks. Personally, I found a lot of new and useful information in her articles. This and subsequent articles will include effective techniques that are used by professionals in their daily work, and with what you can save a lot of working time. Tips will be useful for beginners as well as for those who have been using Adobe Illustrator a while. If it takes you a while to do something, then you are doing it wrong.As you read these tips, go to Adobe Illustrator and do all the described steps there. So you will quickly understand and memorize them.


Quick Access to the Selection Tool (V)

When working with any tool, press and hold the Cmd / Ctrl key in order to temporarily activate the Selection Tool (V). You activate the last selection tool that was being used, so if you have previously worked with the Direct Selection Tool (A), thereafter this tool will be activated. To return to the currently selected tool release the Cmd / Ctrl.

How to Hide the Bounding Box

With the help of the Bounding Box, you can quickly change the size of the object, without using the Scale (S) tool, but it can be distracting when moving an object, especially if the object is small. It is very helpful to know how you can quickly hide and show the bounding box. To switch the visibility of the bounding box, press the keyboard shortcut Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + B.

How to Hide Edges of Path

Visible outlines of the selected object can interfere even more than the bounding box. Very often you may not see the object itself because of them. To enable / disable the visibility of the outlines use the keyboard shortcut Cmd / Ctrl + H.

How to Hide the Document's Margins

By default, Adobe Illustrator has the visibility of the document's margins on. If you need to remove them in order to evaluate the image without unnecessary restricting lines, you can press the keyboard shortcut Shift + Cmd / Ctrl + H.

Quick Access to the Move Dialog Window

If you need to open the Move dialog window, it is not necessary to look for it in the Object menu. You just need to double click on the Selection Tool (V) or Direct Selection Tool (A) icon on the toolbar.

Positioning When Creating a Shape

Using any tool for building the shapes can change the position of the created shape. To do this, press and hold the spacebar to "suspend" the work of the tool and move the shape. After releasing the spacebar, you can continue building the shape. Technique is especially useful for creating objects using ellipses, as you can easily get into the point from which you start building.


Tool configurations

Most tools have their own settings the changes of which affect their work. To get a quick access to them is quite easy, just double-click on the toolbar icon. The following tools have the configurations: Line, Arc, Rectangular Grid, Polar Grid, Flare, Paintbrush, Pencil, Blob brush, Smooth, Eyedropper, Blend, Live Paint Bucket, Live Paint Selection, all of the distortion tools, the tools for working with symbols and graphs. Note that the Blend Options dialog window can be opened by double clicking on the icon on the toolbar, without looking for it every time in the Object menu.