Ultimate Methods of Working in Adobe Illustrator (Part 3)

Today Natalie Ulrich will share some very interesting tricks with us. In this article we will talk about the work with color, gradient fills and about peculiarities of work with the Eyedropper Tool. Also we will learn a bit more about the alignment of the objects with the stroke. Personally I found a lot of new and useful information in this article. Learn more at the jump!


Switching between Fill and Stroke

Before you choose your color you should specify whether you work with the fill or with the stroke of the selected object. The switch key is situated on the bottom of the toolbar. The active mode is indicated on the foreground.

If you want to switch their places press shotcuts X. Every time when you press this button the activity of the fill and stroke is been switched.

Quick Cancel of Fill or Stroke

If you want to give to a fill or to a stroke None value, press the / button.

Swap of Fill and Stroke

If you want to swap the color of a fill and a stroke, press the shortcuts Shift + X.

The Eyedropper Can Choose Only Color

The Eyedropper Tool (I) copies the appearance of the object on default, and that is the color of the fill and stroke, the stroke characteristics and the transparence etc. These settings are set by double click on the button of this tool (look at the picture)

But you also can copy only the color without choosing the options in the dialog box of the tool. To do so, hold the Shift button while choosing the color with the Eyedropper (I). Pay attention what element is active- the stroke or the fill, as the color is applied only to the active element. Thereby, you can easily copy the color for the fill from one object from the color of the stroke to the other object.

Selective Transformation of Pattern

Not only objects can be transformed, but also a pattern. Moreover, the object can be untouched if you do so. When you use any transformation tools (Rotate Tool, Scale Tool, Shear Tool and so on) hold the ~ button (tilde) pressed. Do not release the button until the transformation is finished, otherwise the object itself will be transformed