Successful Methods of Working in Adobe Illustrator (Part 8)

Dear friends, I present you the last article in the series of the "Effective Methods of Working in Adobe Illustrator” articles. You will learn some tips and hints while working with the paths, with the transformation of objects; you will learn how to find the true center of the figures and learn some other tricks which allow you to do more work in less time.


Saving of the selection

When you created the multiple selections of objects, you probably wouldn’t want to repeat it all over again. In the Illustrator you can save the selection and get back to it any time you want. You can do it with the Select > Save Selection function. Type in the suitable name for your selection and click on the OK button in the dialog box. And when you need your selection later, you can find it in the bottom part of the Select menu. Even if you deleted some of the objects, the rest of the objects will still be in the selection.

The Change of the Shape of the Path Contour

The shape of the existing path can be changed with the Pencil Tool (N). Just simply select the object and draw the necessary place with the pencil again. You should start drawing as close to the existing path as possible, so the program took it as the editing of the old path but not as the creation of completely new path. This distance depends on the Pencil Tool settings. The double click on the icon of the tool in the toolbar opens the dialog box with its settings; tick the Edit Select and set the Within parameter- it is the distance in which you will edit the contour.

The Join or the Join with Averaging

There is a difference between the Join (Cmd/ Ctrl + J) and the Join with averaging (Cmd / Ctrl + Opt / Alt + J). If you select the end points of the opened path/paths with the Direct Selection Tool (A) and go to the Object > Path > Join or use the shortcuts Cmd / Ctrl + J, they will be connected with the direct segment.

And if you want path/paths to be connected in the common point go to the Object > Path > Average first, and then to the Object > Path > Join to close the path.

The Simultaneous Averaging and Joining

To average and join simultaneously, select both ends of the paths and press the Cmd / Ctrl + Opt / Alt + Shift + J shortcuts.