Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Colorful Water World with Fish and Sea Weed

This tutorial shows detailed step-by step guide to create three different kinds of colorful fish, sea weed, vector bubble, and nice background full with glowing rays.


To make all the elements of Water World image you’ll need Adobe Illustrator. After being designed in that Vector Program, all sea creatures, bubbles and rays will be arranged and processed in Adobe Photoshop.

Any CS version of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is applicable to accomplish this tutorial. The Photoshop part includes mainly Layer Styles, Blend Mode and Gradients. As for the Illustrator, we’ll be using Mesh Tool, Clipping Mask, default Patterns, Blending Object, Transformations and lots of Gradients and effects.

Hope that you won’t be repelled by these a bit more than hundred steps. Actually this is 5 in 1 tutorial as it could be divided into five parts- each of them a separate tut, i.e. one tutorial for glowing rays drawing, three tutorials dedicated to fish drawing and one tutorial on making bubble and sea weed.

Well, let us start to follow the steps of our 5 in 1 Water World tutorial.

End result:

Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document of 4000px width and 3000px height, RGB Mode. Name the file “Background”.

Take Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle covering the whole art board. With this rectangle selected go to Window, Gradient, choose Radial Type in Gradient palette from the drop down menu. Change the first Gradient Slider to white (R=255; G=255; B=255) and the second Gradient Slider to light violet (R=218; G=162; B=255).

For your convenience, while the background rectangle is still selected, go to Object, Lock, Selection. This will prevent you later from accidentally selecting the rectangle.

Step 2

Deselect the previously created gradient rectangle, take Rectangle Tool again and this time draw a small square shape- Width 196, Height 196px. With the square selected, go to Window, Swatches and when this palette appears on your art board, click on the Swatch Libraries menu icon at the bottom left of the palette. Select Gradients, Gems and Jewels and choose the last Turquoise gradient. In Gradient palette change the Angle to minus 45 degrees.

Step 3

Deselect everything, take again Rectangle tool and this time draw a smaller square shape- Width: 144px, Height: 144px. The bottom left angle of this square must coincide with the bottom left angle of the bigger square drawn in Step 2. Navigate to Gems and Jewels gradients and this time choose the last but one Tanzanite Gradient, set its Angle to -45 degrees.