How to Create a Creative Card with Splash of Color and Light Effects in Illustrator

Final Image Preview


In this tutorial we will learn how to create a creative card using some color splashes. To make our artwork look more colourful and realistic we will apply some light effects to it. Don’t worry, we will barely make our hands dirty with paint. Find out more at the jump!

Creating of Vector Color Splashes with Your Own Hands

Step 1

After waking up early in the morning, so no one will be terrified of what we are going to do next, cover the floor and the furniture in your kitchen with some plastic covers. Put a few white sheets of paper on the floor. Take a syringe and a bottle of black ink. Take some ink into the syringe and spray it to the floor in the kitchen. I suppose, you don’t really like the beginning of this tutorial, do you? LOL! This is exactly the way I did a couple of ink splashes which you see on the figure below.

If you were not too much afraid to make your hands and your furniture dirty (by the way, ink is not easy to wash away), then scan the results of your experiments and paste the images into the artboard of new document in Adobe Illustrator (File > Place…).


Step 2

Now go to the Object > Live Trace > Tracing Options…. Leave the parameters set by default without changes, just tick on Ignore White in the Dialog Box.

Click on the Trace button and we’ve got a vector splash as a result.


Now you can share your morning experiments with the whole world. The Vector Splash is pretty popular topic for design.