Illustrator and CorelDraw Tutorial: How to Create a Vector Girl with a Fan

Final Image Preview


In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial Alexandra Honcharova will demonstrate you the process of creation of a real vector art. This vector tutorial is designed for advanced users and can be done in any vector editor, like Illustrator or CorelDraw. So how can we create a vector girl with a fan? Find out at the jump!

Step 1

Create a sketch in Photoshop

Step 2

Place a sketch to Adobe Illustrator then create a vector outline in a new layer. The Paintbrush Tool or the Blob Brush Tool is perfect for that.

It is desirable to reduce the opacity of our sketch. It would be easier to create a vector outline like so.

Vector Coloring in Illustrator or CorelDraw

Step 3

Create a new layer and place it below the vector outline layer. Now in this layer create objects which will illustrate the main colors of our artwork. It is easier to do the coloring in Illustrator with the Pencil Tool (N) or the Pen Tool (P). Try to color in such a way, that the outlines of color vector objects remain in the vector outline.

Step 4

I changed the fan’s color, I think in this way our composition looks better. Now draw the details of the eyebrows while painting the hair with the Paintbrush Tool. The process of eye creation is indicated on the figure below.


To create some glares on eyes and iris I draw the objects with different degree of opacity with the Pencil Tool (N). I use the same technique to create some light and shadow on the skin around eyes and on the whole face.