Sonobe Variations


As previously discussed in the preface, the Sonobe unit is one of the foundations  of modular  origa- mi. The variations presented in this chapter may have been independently  created by anyone  who has played around enough with Sonobe units like I have. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to present some of my variations in a dedicated chapter.

The Daisy Sonobe is my very first own creation. I borrowed the idea of making variations to simple Sonobe units to achieve dramatic end results from modular origami queen Tomoko Fuse. After making some of these models, you will be on your way to creating your own variations.

With the addition of extra creases to a finished unit as listed in the table on page 2, Sonobe units can be assembled into a 3-unit Toshie’s Jewel, a 6-unit cube, a 12-unit large cube, a 12-unit octahedral assembly, a 30-unit icosahedral assembly, a 90-unit dodeca- hedral assembly, other bigger polyhedral assem- blies, and even other objects such as birds, flowers, and wreaths. You may try making any shape from the table with any Sonobe variation.

Toshie’s Jewels made with Sonobe variations (clockwise from top left: Swan Sonobe, Snow-Capped Sonobe 1, Daisy Sonobe, Snow-Capped Sonobe 2, and Striped Sonobe).

Sonobe Table