Patterned Dodecahedra I


In this chapter and the next, we will make various patterned dodecahedra. I first stumbled upon an origami patterned dodecahedron by chance in a Japanese kit that consisted of 30 sheets of paper and directions, all in Japanese—but that is the beauty of origami, it is an international language! The only problem was that I could not read who the creator was. Sometime later I came across some beautiful patterned dodecahedra by Tomoko Fuse. Then, I found other beautiful ones by Silvana Betti Mamino of Italy. Thanks to them all for providing me with the inspiration to create some patterned dodecahedra of my own.

All models in the dodecahedra chapters are made up of 30 units with one unit contributing to two adjacent faces of the dodecahedron. In Chapter 5 (“Patterned Dodecahedra II,” page 45), we will incorporate a tiny bit of cutting to create locks as well as use a template to make some final creases on our units.

1. Pinch ends of center fold, then cupboard fold.

2. Pinch flaps halfway.


3. Mountain fold.