In this final chapter, three models are presented that do not quite belong to any of the previous chapters. The Lightning Bolt and the Star Windows  are es- sentially Sonobe-type  models, but, unlike Sonobe models, they both have openings or windows.

The  Twirl  Octahedron   is  reminiscent  of  Curler Units (2000) by Herman Van Goubergen, but at the time I created this model I was totally unaware of the Curler Units. It was only when someone asked me if I was inspired by the Curler Units that it first came to my attention. Although  the models seem similar at first glance, they are really quite differ- ent, as you will see. The Curler Units are far more versatile  than  my  Twirl  Octahedron  units. With the former you can make virtually any polyhedral assembly, but with the latter you can only make an octahedral assembly.

Lightning Bolt

1. Start with A 4 paper. Pinch ends of centerline, then crease and open the diagonal shown.

2. Pinch halfway points as marked.


3. Crease and open to match dots.