Resizing in Photoshop can help you print your images in standard photo sizes, resize and preserve the high quality of digital photos, and enlarge small images to a poster  size


Resizing to a specific  size

To resize your image to a preset  size, follow the steps below:

1. In the main menu, go to File > New.

2. In the New dialog box, click on the Preset dropdown menu.You will see several preset  sizes, such as 2x3, 4x6 and 5x7. Remember that 72 ppi is fine for online images, but a ppi of 150-300 is better for printed images. (Figure 17).

Figure 17. Preset size in the New dialog box

3. Choose the size that you wish and click OK.

Note: All the preset sizes are in portrait orientation. If you wish to resize an image with the landscape orienta- tion, you need to create your own preset.To create your own size, do the following:

1.Type in the values for Width and Height, for example 7x5.


2.Type in your desired resolution (150 ppi for high quality prints, and 72 ppi is good for web images).
3. Click the Save Preset  button

Resizing digital photos

Digital photos usually have large dimensions but low resolution, 72 ppi, which affects their quality when their size is decreased or increased.When printed, the photos with the changed size will look pixilated.To resize the digital photos without loosing the quality, follow these steps:

1. Open the digital photo you wish to resize


2. In the main menu, go to View > Rulers.You will see the dimension of your photo (Figure 18)

Figure 18. Dimensions  of a digital photo

3. In the main menu, go to Image > Image Size

4. In the Image Size dialog box, check the Resample Image box off (Figure 19).Type in your desired resolution (anything between 150 and 300 ppi).The photo is now 3.208 x 3.083 inches.


If you want to make your digital photo into a poster  size image, you can do it in the Image Size dialog box. However, just increasing the dimensions will make the image appear blurry and pixilated. To enlarge the image without losing the quality, follow these steps:

1. Open the digital image you wish to enlarge.

2. In the main menu, go to Image > Image Size.

3. In the Image Size dialog box, make sure the Resample Image box is checked off and choose Bicubic Smoother from the dropdown box (Figure 20)

Figure 20. Increasing the size by 10 percent


4. Change the Document Size measurements  to Percent.Type in 110.This will increase the size of the image by 10 percent (Figure 20).
5. Continue enlarging by 10 percent untill you are satisfied with the size.