How To Create A Colorful Native American Dreamcatcher

Photoshop Tutorial: How To Create A Colorful Native American Dreamcatcher

It is a belief for Native Americans that hanging a dreamcatcher over or near your bed, swinging freely in the air, it catches the dreams as they flow by.


The good dreams will pass through the dreamcatcher, and the bad dreams not knowing the way out, they will get tangled in the net of the dreamcatcher, and will day early in the morning, with the first light of the new day. ( Taken from something I read not long ago ).

Through all my works and tutorials, I had the idea of making a Dreamcatcher. I invite you to follow me through the steps of this tutorial, and I will show you, how amazing and rewarding, it is to make your own Dreamcatcher.

We'll use the following Photoshop tools:

* Rectangular and Ellipse.
* Transform and Rotation.
* Liquify and Warp.
* Hue / Saturation.
* Layer Styles.
* Dodge and Burn.

Step 1

Open a new document 850 X 1150 px.
Use the Gradient tool (G), to make a diagonal line as shown in image.
Use the following colors:
Foreground: # a2a1a9.
Background: # 6f6d72.

Step 2

Filter - Texture - Texturizer.
Sandstone. Light: Top right.
Image Adjustments - Curves.
Input: 80.
Output: 45.

Step 3

This picture of the pencils was provided by pxleyes for a contest. Here is the link to download the original high resolution image.

Or: Click over the image with the right side of your mouse.
Save picture / image as.
Save the image in your favorite folder where you can easily find it.

Step 4

We'll be working on a black background.

Click over the eye, located to the left side of layer "Background" to make it inactive.

Open a new layer and fill it with black color. Name this layer, "Black", this layer will be deleted later.

Step 5

We'll delete the background we do not need. We want to use part of the pencils. I show an edged line in red surrounding the pencils.

Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L), to make a selection of the pencils. The red edged line, shows the way you have to make the selection. A kind of zig - zag line.

Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) the selection. With selection on, go to Select - Inverse, and hit the backspace or delete key to delete the background, and leave the pencils by themselves. Keep the name for this layer, "Pencils".

Keep a copy of the original layer, "Pencils", not this copied and pasted selection. We will use parts of this layer later.

Step 6

Try to get a shape like this.

Step 7

Use Filter - Liquify - Warp (Ctrl + Shift + X), to make a form like shown in image.

Use a brush size 50, pressure of 100.

Follow the red arrows to make the warping and liquifying.

You will see how interesting is working with the liquify and transform tools.