How to Create a Futuristic Sci-fi Warrior From a Stone Statue

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Futuristic Sci-fi Warrior From a Stone Statue

In this tutorial, we're going to create an awesome science fiction warrior in the middle of an epic war scene!


Drawing techniques were used for the warrior... Then pen tool for masking... and hard rounded brush for detailing.

Let's get started!

End result:

Step 1

This is the detailed sketch of the main character. I used PS pencil tool to draw sketches. Always start with a big canvas, so that we can work with minute details. I usually work in a A3 canvas. You can download the sketch in high resolution from here.

Step 2

The source image I used to create the battle scene. I used the head, body parts, sky and else is painted.

Download the high resolution of the stone face: HERE.

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Step 3

Now, mask out the parts from source image. We can see that shades and highlights are already there. I have marked the highlight parts in yellow, and shades in red.

Step 4

I used the head from the source image as it is. Pen tool is the best fore masking accurately, I added a feather radius of 1.

short cut for feather is ctrl+alt+d