Create a Beautiful Night Scene with Mystic Silhouettes

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Beautiful Night Scene with Mystic Silhouettes

From this tutorial you will learn how to create a lovely starry night scene with shiny moon, mystic silhouettes of buildings and bats in the sky.


You don’t need some special drawing skills as all shapes are created without painting. The whole image is a result of using Pen Tool, Rectangle and Rounded Rectangle Tool as well as Polygon Tool for the stars and Elliptical Marquee Tool for the moon. Lots of Layer Styles are used to give the objects volume, texture and glow.

Step 1

Create a new .psd document and set Image Size to 4000px of Width and 3000px of Height, Resolution 72 px/inch.
Click twice on Background in Layers Palette to turn it into an editable layer. As the layer will be automatically named Layer 0, rename it Gradient.
Change Foreground Color to #4b0a4e and Background Color to #9f6caf.
Pick Gradient Tool and select Foreground to Background Linear Gradient. Draw the Gradient from top to bottom of the canvas.
While Gradient layer is selected, press Ctrl+G or go to Layer, Group Layers and call the new group Background.

Step 2

Create a new layer above Gradient layer and call it Clouds. Change Foreground Color to #cad4dd and Background Color to #05090c.
While the new Clouds layer is highlighted, take Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw a small triangle as you see on the screenshot.
Go to Filter, Render, Clouds. Now you see your triangle filled with clouds shaded in Fore-and Background color we chose.
Keep the selection of this filled with clouds rectangle. We’ll continue to manipulate it in the next step.

Step 3

It would be better to make the clouds thicker so go to Filter, Render, Difference Clouds. Press Ctrl+F a few times to repeat the filter until you get something resembling my screenshot. Press Ctrl+D (or go to Select, Deselect) to remove the selection.

Step 4

In this step we are going to increase the size of our rectangle full with clouds. Go to Edit, Free Transform and holding down Shift move one of the anchor points so that to cover the canvas. The image still doesn’t look that attractive and the beautiful background gradient gets invisible, but in the next step we’ll improve it.

Step 5

Change Blend Mode of Clouds layer to Soft Light and reduce its Opacity to 90%.
Well, we prepared our misty and cloudy background and the sky is ready for some “evil” bats silhouettes.

Step 6

This and the next two steps are optional. Our task is to add some bats to make the starry night look a bit spooky. For the purpose you can use ready brushes downloaded from the web- there is plenty of bats and Halloween brushes if you are interested to use them.
I preferred to draw the bat myself. If you like to follow me, create a new layer on top of Background group. Still don’t give it a name, we’ll do it later.
Take Pen Tool in Paths Mode and start drawing the bat. You can draw the whole flying mouse or only half of it if you don’t feel that confident with Pen Tool. I found it easier to draw half of it. When ready, right click on the path, select Fill Path, choose black color and press OK.