Create a Realistic and Fancy Digital Photo Frame

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Realistic and Fancy Digital Photo Frame

How to use pen tool, layer styles and filter in photoshop, are the major things you will learn by reading this tutorial. We are going to create a digital frame.


I will describe clearly the use of pen tool, layer styles and filter so that it will not be painful for beginners to follow and will be inspiring for advanced users to use their creativity.

Source used:
- Rush-bed

End result:

Step 1

Let’s start by creating a new canvas (ctrl+N). You can make the size of the canvas as the one I created: width 1500 pixels and height 1500 pixels.

Step 2

Now take rounded rectangle tool in the tool panel. When the tool has been selected, there will be option bar above the canvas. Set the radius of the tool to 30 px. Then, start creating a shape by clicking and dragging. You should get the result as mine.

Step 3

After you have the shape, hit Ctrl+T to activate free transform tool. When the transform tool is selected, there will be transform controls around the shape indicated by small squares. Next is hit and hold Ctrl+Alt and then click and drag the squares to the directions needed to get the result as mine. Please see the illustration picture :

Step 4

Duplicate the shape (Ctrl+ J). There will be a new layer called Shape 1 copy in the layer panel. And then, with the Shape 1 copy layer selected, hit Ctrl+T to activate transform tool and then scale it proportionally to get the one like mine. The Shape 1 copy is surrounded by thin line around the shape. Please see the picture :