Create a Photo-Realistic Orange from Scratch

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Photo-Realistic Orange from Scratch

In this tutorial I want to share with you how to paint and texture an Orange. This is the basic procedure for achieving a photo-realistic effect.


Step 1

Create a circle using the ellipse tool. Orange should not have a smooth spherical shape. So we need to make it irregular. Add anchor points as in the figure and create and make the circle irregular.

Step 2

2. coloring and shading
Hit Ctrl+ Enter, then the shape will turn into selection. Press Ctrl+Shift+d then add feather radius 1. Create a new layer name it orange and fill some color. I used #da8711. This is the base color of the orange.

We need one more layer. Make it clipping mask to the orange layer This one is to shade the Orange. I made shading and lighting in the same layer.

I used a hard brush for the basic shading Brush opacity 20 and flow 60.

Step 3

Create the texture brush for Orange.
1. I created this brush for creating the texture on the Orange. Download the image from here.
And open it in Photoshop.
2. Go to edit and define brush preset. Name it orange brush.
3. Select the newly created brush preset. It will be located at the bottom the brush palette

Step 4

Open the brush menu from the windows. Use the following settings for the brush.and save this brush preset.