Create a dangerous Prototype Mosquito using a Microscope

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a dangerous Prototype Mosquito using a Microscope

End result:


Step 1

This is the Microscope image, that we are going to manipulate in to our insect. You can download the high resolution image from here. Also check the other awesome entries.

Step 2

Use a Pen tool for extracting the Microscope from the background. Pen tool is the best tool for an accurate masking from dark backgrounds, especially when masking machines.

Make sure that the Pen tool is in Path selection mode . After making the path over the image, hit Ctrl+ Enter in keyboard to load selection. Now Press, Ctrl + Alt + D . Now we will have a window named ‘Feather Selection’ Enter a radius of 1 or 2. I usually prefer ‘1’, for machines.

Once U have the extracted Microscope, Break it into parts again as shown in the figure. Also keep a copy of the extracted image.

Step 3

This Part of the microscope itself forms a shape of head. So this will be our DANGEROUS guy’s head.

Step 4

Now flip the head part horizontally and add the Lens part under it as in the figure. The red marked area is going to be filled with a gray color, so that to blend each parts together. Use burn and dodge tools to give some depth to the filled part.

Step 5

I have created a new layer and made a rough sketch with lines and circles to form a basic shape of the creature that we are going to create.

Step 6

Now place the parts for the rest of the body.

Use the burn tool to add depth to the steel parts.

You can also use a clipping mask ( Make a new layer and Press (Ctrl +G) in multiply mode to shade any objects.

When you use the multiply mode, It allows you to shade an object without loosing its texture. Use brush opacity of 10-15 with a dark gray color for doing this.