Create a Magic Glowing and Sparkly Wood Scenery

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Magic Glowing and Sparkly Wood Scenery

This is a tutorial which will help you to create a lovely, magic looking wood full of glowing flowers, golden insects and nice birdie covered in glossy feathers.


We'll make all these creatures from a single source image- stunning picture of Gold Interior taken by Hilleke.

You can download the image from here.

In the process of creating the Magic Wood we'll be using lots of transformations, different layer styles and Actions Panel.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS 4 to create everything but all versions where Warp tool (Edit, Transform, Warp) is available will suit our purpose.

Enough with this intro, let's get down to work :)

End result:

Step 1

Open the Gold Interior image in Photoshop and with double mouse click turn the background into a layer.

To change the orientation of the whole image, select Image menu, Image Rotation and choose 90 CW (clockwise).

Create a new Group of layers named Background and call the first layer the same name- Background. Set your foreground color to #152328 and background color to #020b11. Go to Gradient Tool, select Foreground to Background Radial Gradient and draw it vertically from top to bottom of the canvas.

Just a little tip: You have noticed that there is no layer with the original source image on my screenshots. I have cleaned it not to distract you, but it is good to keep the source layer below all layers and groups in Layers palette so that you can easily select any part of it when necessary.

Step 2

In this step we’ll continue using Gradient Tool. Create a new layer within Background group, go to Gradient tool and this time choose Purple, Green, Gold Gradient from the Gradient picker (You can find this Purple, Green, Gold Gradient in Color Harmonies 2 gradients set). Keep selected the Radial gradient option and draw the chosen gradient diagonally from top right hand side to bottom left hand side of the canvas. Name this layer Purple, Green, Gold Gradient and lower its Opacity to 11%.

Step 3

Create a new layer placed above Purple, Green, Gold Gradient layer in Background group. Set foreground color to # A8D5D3 and Background Color to # 102023, go to Filter, Render, Clouds, then apply Filter, Render, Difference Clouds and press Ctrl+F to repeat the last filter. Select Eraser Tool, choose Soft Brush of big size and lowered opacity, 30% approximately, and use it to erase the bottom 1/3 of the layer. Name this Layer Clouds Overlay, set its Blend Mode to Overlay and reduce opacity to 10%.

Step 4

Duplicate the Clouds Overlay layer and go to Filter, Blur, Motion Blur, Angle 90 degrees; Distance 170px. Change the Blend Mode to Screen and Opacity to 8%. Name the layer Clouds Motion Blur and leave on top of all layers in Background group.