APPENDIXB Office 365 Preview (Office 2013)

this app focuses on the version of Office 365 that was released in mid-2011 and  is based on the Office 2010 product suite. However, we also want  to acknowledge that Office 365 Preview  was released recently and  is available for you to try. Office 365 Preview  is based on the Office 2013 product suite. At the time  of this writing, Microsoft has not publicly announced an official release date for Office 2013.


You can get started with Office 365 Preview  by visiting and  clicking the Try It link that’s  on the page.

Some key updates in Office 365 Preview  include the following:


•  Based on the Office 2013 product suite  (currently in the Release Preview  phase of its lifecycle)


• Now targets consumers as well as businesses with the addition of a Home

Premium plan


• Plan offerings now include these:


•  Office 365 Home Premium


•  Office 365 Small Business Premium


•  Office 365 ProPlus


•  Office 365 Enterprise


•  Skype integration is planned for the final release


If you sign up for a Preview  plan, be aware that data in Preview  plans will be deleted when the Preview period is over. Microsoft will send out notifications as the final release date  approaches to give you time  to prepare by moving any data you want  to keep to another location. Also be aware that if you install any of the Preview  desktop applications, they will need to be uninstalled before installing the final applications once they’re released.