Snapchat Guide

The Basics

Create and send Snaps:

1. To take a Snap, tap the center button once.

2. To record a video, press and hold the center button for as long as you want the video to be.


3. To cancel, tap the X button in the top left corner

4. To add a drawing, tap the pen icon in the top right corner

5. To set the timer, tap the timer icon in the bottom left corner. Use your finger to scroll and select the amount of time you want your Snap to last. Tap anywhere to exit out of the timer interface.

6. To add a caption, tap the middle of the screen and enter text. Tap anywhere (or press “Done”) to exit out of the caption interface.

Post a Story

1. Take a Snap on the main camera page

2. Press the Stories icon on the bottom of the screen (confirm that you want to post the Story if it is your first time).

3. The snap will be added to your Story

Delete a Story

1. Tap your name on the My Friends page to expand your Story.

2. Tap the part of the Story you want to save or delete

3. Tap “Save to Gallery” to save the Snap to your phone’s picture gallery.

Tap “Delete” to delete the Snap and remove it from your Story.

View Snaps

1. To view your Stories, press and hold any of the unopened Snaps (indicated by a filled-in box) in your feed page.

View Stories

1. To view your Stories, press and hold any of the bars under “Recent Updates” in the My Friends page

2. To skip a Snap in the Story you are viewing, simply tap the screen with another finger and the Story will skip to the beginning of the next Snap.

Smart Filters


These are the filters that add info like weather, speed and time to your Snaps.
Weather information is provided by The Weather Channel The Weather Channel logo