Snapchat Guide


Find and add friends

Finding and adding friends

1. Tap the friend icon on the upper-right corner of the My Friends page.


2. To add a friend who has added you, simply press the add friend icon next to their name under the “Friends Who Added You” tab.

3. To find and add friends in your list of contacts, press the middle tab. Snapchat displays all your contacts and lists who has Snapchat and who you can invite via SMS.

4. To find and add friends who aren’t in your list of contacts, tap the far right tab and type in their Snapchat user name. You can then add them by tapping the Add Friend icon next to their name.

Block, delete and unblock friends

Blocking and Deleting Friends

1. Tap the name of the friend you want to edit in the My Friends page.

2. Press the gear icon (settings) that appears next to his/her name.

3. Press Block to prevent them from sending you Snaps or viewing your Stories.

4. Press Delete to remove them from your friends list

5. To unblock someone you’ve blocked, scroll to the bottom of your friends list, tap the gear (settings) and then tap Unblock. They will be returned to their original position on your friends list.

Who are my best friends?

Best friends are updated on a weekly basis and represent the friends you chat with most frequently. They are selected automatically by a magical Snapchat friendship algorithm.

You can see who your best friends are when you send a Snap. Best friends are listed in their own section at the top of your friends list when you are choosing who to send your Snap to.

What's my "score"?

Your "score" is the total number of Snaps you have sent and received.

How to see your score:

1. Under the feed page, tap the “snapchat” header


2. Your score is the sum of the two numbers (sent | received)