Snapchat Guide

Data and text message costs

Snapchat is a free service - do not charge users for downloading Snapchat, signing up, nor for sending or receiving Snaps.


However, Snapchat does use data. You should speak to your mobile service provider and inquire about data usage charges. To get an idea of how much data the app uses, Snapchat images are typically 30-50 kilobytes -- if you have a 1 gigabyte data plan, that would be roughly 20,000 images sent and received per month! A 10-second video snap uses approx. 400 kilobytes of data. Keep in mind that when connected to Wi-Fi, no data is used.

One of the advantages of using Snapchat is the small file size. It makes everything faster and less expensive than other picture messaging services.

Please note that standard text messaging fees apply. Mobile number verification text messages are sent to a U.S. number-- if you are an international user, your service provider may charge you an international SMS fee. You may also have to enable international text messaging with your provider.