Exploring Documentation / Learning More

Unity is a complex engine with many more features than could feasibly be covered in a guide of this style, and that’s before you include the wide swathe of (free and commercial) Unity extensions available on the Internet. This guide will give you a strong starting place for developing a game, but self-education is an important skill in any endeavor, and doubly so here.

A crucial resource here is the Unity ScriptReference. The ScriptReference is a searchable database, available for both C# and Javascript, which has a list of every Unity command and feature, with descriptions of their functions and brief examples of syntax.

If you’re having trouble with the editor and interface of Unity, or just like video tutorials as a matter of preference, there is a long list of high-quality Unity video tutorials available. More extensive (but less broad) text tutorials for Unity are also available from CatLikeCoding.

Finally, if you have questions beyond the scope of documentation or tutorials, you can ask specific questions at  an- swers.Unity3d.com. Remember that answers are provided by volunteers, so respect their time and search the data- base first to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered.